Dance Cam Turns Usher Into Viral Hit At Houston Rockets Game

posted by Dave Basner - 

Along with the action on the court, at some professional basketball games you get to see some action off the court courtesy of the Kiss-Cam. Whether it's people locking lips with strangers, drinking beers that don't belong to them or getting denied during a marriage proposal, you never know what you might see on the big screen. 

However, sometimes there is a camera that beats the footage from the Kiss-Cam. It's the Dance-Cam and when it stops on you, you have to bust a move. Usually you see some talented fans but at a recent Houston Rockets game, the talent came from an usher who took full advantage of his time in the spotlight.  

Our dance cam has been full of surprises all season. 😂

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His unexpected moves set the venue on fire, but it's likely too good to be true. While the backflip is a pretty good giveaway that he's a ringer, it also looks like the real usher, whose place he probably took, comes into the shot towards the end of his routine. Also, ushers usually have a name tag and he doesn't. 

Either way, it definitely added some fun to an already fun game - the Rockets have the best record in the NBA.


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